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New Forest FAQsNew Forest FAQsNew Forest FAQsNew Forest FAQsNew Forest FAQsNew Forest FAQsNew Forest FAQs
Can you hold our chosen dates whilst we get organised?
Certainly, we can 'hold' a booking for you until the end of business on the following day.
What is a provisional booking?
When we have received a booking form from you, then the holiday dates are regarded as 'provisional' until the requested payment has been received by ourselves. A provisional booking is held for 3 days.
Can we change our original choice of cottage?
Once part or full payment has been received, if you wish to change a booking to another property, this will be treated as a cancellation and a new booking. Please see the cancellation procedures on our Booking Terms & Conditions.
Are there any extra charges?
All bed linen and towels (apart from cot bedding, or beach towels) and utility charges are included in the rental. Regarding fire wood for winter bookings, the property description will state whether this is included in the rental, or if starter basket is supplied only.
Is holiday cancellation insurance included in rental?
No, the reason being is that your own home or personal insurance policies may already provide you with cover. However, if this is not the case, then we strongly advise that you arrange your own holiday cancellation insurance.
What about our party size?
Each property comfortably accommodates a fixed number of guests and this number will be made clear on the property description. Where a travel cot is supplied, this can only be occupied by an infant under 24 months at the time of the holiday, weighing 15kgs or less. There may be a limit of one cot per party booking, please enquire.
What about large all male or female groups?
Although we are essentially providing holidays for couples and families, we may be able to accept bookings from single sex groups depending on the individual circumstances. Please do contact us for further information.
Can we change the names of the people in the party after booking?
Yes, however, we must know, in writing and in advance, the names of all guests and their ages before the holiday commences. The overnight total must not exceed the maximum number the property is advertised as accommodating.
Can we substitute party members during our stay?
Unfortunately, unlike a hotel or guest house which offers serviced accommodation, self catering cottages are not geared up for friends or relatives filling vacated bedrooms part way through the holiday. This may be possible but only by prior arrangement with the owner on booking and only where a property is booked for seven nights or more.
Can we invite friends over?
Yes, but the number of people that we state the cottage 'sleeps' is the maximum permitted to stay in it or use its facilities even if its just on a daily basis, unless the booker has the Owner's prior consent arranged in advance and this will be shown on your booking confirmation letter. Please note that if a cottage that states 'regret no pets' then this exclusion extends to any friends that might drop in, this includes both the holiday cottage itself and the garden.
What time do we arrive at / leave the holiday cottage?
Holiday lets usually run from 3 or 4p.m. on the day of arrival to 10a.m. on the day of departure. Times may vary according to cottage choice and season. You are very kindly asked to arrive and depart according to the instructions contained in the final booking particulars.
What about internet access?
Where Broadband and/or Wi-Fi are mentioned in the cottage description, we are unable to absolutely guarantee that it will be available during your stay. If this facility is really important to you, please discuss details of the service provider with the owners in advance and ask them to do their best to ensure availability. It is possible that an owner may not be able to provide IT support during your stay.
What about phones?
Some cottages provide a 'house phone' for incoming and emergency calls only. The property features will mention this. Regarding mobile phones, the degree of coverage is so variable in different locations on the Forest, that we cannot guarantee clear reception at your chosen holiday cottage.
What about dogs?
If your chosen cottage will accept a dog, then the breed and age should be noted on your booking form please. There is usually an additional charge of £30 per dog, to be found on the property details. The house rules concerning dogs at holiday properties are laid out in out in our Dog Charter. Guests should note that dogs are not allowed to be left 'home alone' at any time.
What about pets?
We regret that it is not possible to accept bookings including any other pets (with the exception of a dog - see above)
Allergies to dogs, or feathers?
If you require (for allergy reasons, for instance) a property which pets NEVER enter, please always ask us. Please don't assume that owners who don't accept dogs will never have allowed a dog (guide dogs, or their own dog for example) within the property. Similarly, if anyone in your party suffers from allergies to feathers or other materials, please let us know your requirements before booking.
Do we have to clean the property before we leave?
Yes please, clean and tidy and in the same condition as you found it on arrival. If the owner or housekeeper has to clear the decks before they can start the vacuuming, or un pack a dishwasher and clean out the fridge and cooker, they will struggle to prepare the cottage in time for the next guests.
Can we smoke in the properties?
All New Forest Living Cottages are strictly no smoking and subsequent non smoking guests and cottage owners would prefer not to encounter any evidence of 'outside smoking' please in the patio and garden areas.
What about period properties?
Everyone loves the character and atmosphere of an older property and we have several of these on our books that occupy a unique forest side location. Some of these properties may be well over 100 years old and were built a long time before the days of damp-proof courses and cavity insulation. Also, please remember that should traditional cottage features (steep stairs or low beams, for example) be a problem for any member of your party, please mention this when you call to book.
What happens if we are not happy?
If you have any difficulties with a property, require maintenance, or have any complaints, you should notify the owner in the first instance who will be happy to help. Owners can only investigate a problem which is notified to them promptly and before the end of your holiday. If you experience difficulties and are unable to contact the owner or their representative, you should contact us. If you fail to report any issues to the owner or their representative during your stay, then a claim cannot be considered retrospectively.

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